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Had this dream either last night or the night before; I don't quite… - Dream Log for RoD
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February 2008

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User: rod_dreamlog (posted by rod_dreamfallen)
Date: 2006-12-24 02:10
Subject: (no subject)
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Had this dream either last night or the night before; I don't quite remember. However it was rather interesting to say in the least.

The first scene was set in a rather run-down town; the buildings were tall and of brick and stone. The general colors were rather dark, of gray, low chroma brick red and yellow (markings on the street). There was the occasional white for the paint on the buildings, however even then it wasn't bright white; it too was moreso on the gray side.

I was walking down the street as myself and noticed a few classmates from school. I noticed a particular classmate and striked up a conversation with him, and he complained/made a comment about something. I don't quite remember what it was exactly about, but it was either about the way the current rulers/dictators over our particular piece of land/city was treating us, or/and about a large group of people whom were coming to take over the place.

Knowing that I could not share the same fate as everyone else, I had then decided to do everything possible to escape the possible horrible fate that might befall upon us. As the city rushed around preparing for their arrival, I rushed to a friend (also a classmate IRL) whom did not speak throughout the entire dream but seemed to know my destiny/fate. He pointed me into the direction in which I needed to go and I managed to escape the first wave of soldiers/conquerers.

Feeling safe so far, I knew I had to find my friend again in order to escape. Walking from the streets I ducked behind an old building, walked behind it. The dream suddenly changed from a dark, dreary city into a city building overlooking a green valley and blue skies. I was standing on a small light-beige colored wooden porch/hanging that was connected to the city building. There was a railing that kept people from falling into the green abyss and standing in front of the railing was my friend.

He again pointed me in the right direction (to my right). I looked towards where he was pointing at and noticed a large light-grey ampitheatre on the face of the mountain in which we were on. I thanked him again, and we both seemed to know that this might have been the last time we'd see each other.

I raced towards the stone ampitheatre and the next thing I knew I was running up the stairs that lead towards a large space in the back. Several what appeared to be Muslim women (they were dressed from head to toe in black) were desperately walking up the steps as well, and from the fear in their eyes I had a feeling that they might not make it.

The soldiers came down the hill and stormed the spot. Many officials (for some reason I remember mostly yellows and blues as representatives of themselves) of their side were bringing the women down from their hiding spot.

Creeping to the left, I began wondering why my friend pointed me into this direction if he knew they were coming and the chances of my getting caught were high. I pressed myself low to a curved part of the stone ground, peering at the scene from the shadows as the new officials of our lands began talking what to do with the women, and how many more runaways they had to catch.

Quite sure that they could see me, I imagined myself pressing my body as close to the stone as possible, like a dog hugging the floor after it did something bad. Surprised that they didn't seem to have seen me, I moved an inch to the left.

Nothing. They were still talking about whatever it was they were talking about.

I moved again. Still no noticement.

I then slowly but quickly moved off to my left, sneaking away from the scene and escaped into the woods.

After awhile I became exhausted and finally collapsed onto the ground. I could feel my spirit floating above my body, and for a moment realized I was looking AT my body. However, the body, to my surprise, was not human. It was of a canine's, its worn, exhausted, limp, dirtied form covered in a black, worn cloth similiar to what the women earlier had been wearing. Surprised, I looked at the ground in which it lay and noticed that I had collpased next to a yellow and black circle upon the ground, similar to the ying-yang symbol. Realizing that my friend had not deceived me, I looked again at myself, and found myself with a new body, this time with light-blue (almost cyan white), yellow, and black colors. It was of a canine's (wolf's, actually... I think), and I discovered that I had become a sort of thunder god, and that it was my duty to get rid of the new hand that was taking over my homeland.

The last thing I remember was racing back towards the officials and cyan-white lightning.

It was a pretty awesome dream, especially the last part with the whole thunder-god business. As I think about it, I realize that the Muslim women might have actually been similar to myself (seeing I was dressed the same as them) and it is entirely possible that they were actually black dogs/wolves underneath the black capes. How I managed to morph from human to canine I have no idea, however I think it makes for an intriguing story.
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