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dream feb23 - Dream Log for RoD
Come into my dreams... let me tell you where I've been...
February 2008

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User: rod_dreamlog (posted by rod_dreamfallen)
Date: 2007-02-24 13:55
Subject: dream feb23
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Tags:dreamshare, reoccuring
I usually dream in 3 parts, so I've divided this one into as such. Please note that just because they're "parts" doesn't mean that they're evenly divided, and also I'm missing a few details because it's been some time since I've dreamed it.

This is also a reocccuring dream of mine. I have not had this particular dream in a long time (I used to dream it when I was younger.) Like the other one, this one also has some changes to it.

- Part 1 -

I was standing in a place with many buildings. (I’m guessing it was a school or place of institution of some sort. Thinking it over it might have been a high school with a large campus.) My father came to pick me up in his van, and we traveled to an Asian shopping plaza (more buildings yey).

- Part 2 -

I entered a particular restaurant that was also a store (it sold clothing amongst other misc. objects. It was weird because I saw a beige Christmas sweatshirt there that I used to have and thought to myself “so this is where I got it! Mine was red so I guess they changed it since then...” despite the fact this WASN’T where I got it.)

After awhile I went into the back to help out one of the employees with a few boxes and things in the many backrooms they had. I saw brother there, who was supposedly working there but on break, simply walking around, occasionally squatting but the entire time simply staring at me as he always used to do. He was carrying a Popsicle stick that had been painted neon green and was using it to file his nails with. (What the heck?! This wasn’t in my previous dream, nor does my brother file his nails with green Popsicle sticks!)

I thought it was curious behavior but ignored him (he always used to have a dark look) and continued to help whoever it was I was helping.

I left the building from the back at one point and came across a field track. There were a good handful of people here, either stretching or jogging around the track. I forget much that happened here, except at one point I was also jogging around the track. At one point my brother showed up and again, forgot. XD;

Anyway I went back into the building, and wherever I went, it seemed, my brother was there. He was sneering at me and again had the dark look. We scuffled a bit and I found that I was a lot physically weaker than before; he had been practicing martial arts and I had not been (we used to take martial arts class together). Finding that he was still stronger than me, he smirked then walked away.

Peeved, I left the store and waited in the parking lot to be picked up by my father. I was waiting for awhile and considered walking, but realized that it was too far away and not at all walking distance. There was a family leaving, and I was about to ask them if they could give me a lift when my father came by and finally picked me up. We then went to our “new house.”

- part 3 -

The house, ironically, looked relatively close to my parent’s new house, though the floorplan was different. I wandered around looking at the kitchen and the back of the house. It gets fuzzy here, but I do remember suddenly seeing the neon green Popsicle sticks all over the ground, and then wondering where my brother was and what the heck he was doing.

The dream’s mostly faded from me now (It’s been over 24 hours since I’ve dreamed it, so I don’t remember many details now.)

I’ll try to write more when I remember it.
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