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Recalling past dreams. - Dream Log for RoD
Come into my dreams... let me tell you where I've been...
February 2008

Johnny Cage posting in Dream Log - Recording of Dreams for RoD
User: rod_dreamlog (posted by souponfire)
Date: 2007-02-24 18:58
Subject: Recalling past dreams.
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Music:The Mars Volta - Vermicide
I had this dream once in where everything that happened was supposed to be the music videoclip for Ricky Martin's "She Bangs". You see, All of us were in a pyramid. There was Ricky Martin and his "collegue". On the other side, there was the dream-me, who was an evil mummy, a dead pharaoh of some kind, and my sidekick/pawn.
I was the bad guy and was hunting with my partner both RM and his friend. They were running away from me as I was creepy and inmortal.
All of a sudden (and don't know why) I lost my powers and ran away, but RM's collegue went chasing me with a knife. Eventually he got me and stabbed me in the back, ending with the dream.

I also remembering a very weird dreaming experience I had when I was younger.
I had this "nightmare" in where I was in this crampy, poor, underground house thing with my sister and a relative (both older than me). The place belonged to my relative.
We went upstairs to the upper land. There was a cliff nearby from where all of a sudden this giant shrimp appeared. I paniced and woke up screaming. I called my dad and he told me it was just a bad dream and all that. I went sleeping and had the same dream twice again (and also kept calling my dad for it XD).
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