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Dreamt this one last night. It was pretty weird! I dreamt that my… - Dream Log for RoD
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February 2008

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User: rod_dreamlog (posted by rod_dreamfallen)
Date: 2007-04-07 13:47
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Dreamt this one last night. It was pretty weird!

I dreamt that my older brother, my non-existent younger sister and I were military brats. My mother was a commanding officer and we were forced to use our home as a base against the terrorists/enemy in our hometown/turf. The three of us were hiding under the stairs (which, now that I think of it, wasn’t really the ideal place to be). My brother was being quiet as usual, but the little sister I had trouble with since she didn’t seem to know the seriousness of the situation. She kept being hyper and not paying attention, and wasn’t exactly in the mood to sit down.

My mother finally tore herself away from her role as the officer and came to sit with us for awhile. She held our little sister in her arms (constantly referred to her as “Mei mei,” which in Chinese means “little sister”). She managed to get her straightened out and didn’t cause too much trouble after that.

Not soon after this, we heard shouting; the battle had begun. The house rocked with explosions and my mother protected us the best she could. She quickly told us to go to our neighbor’s house for safety (the house right across the street), and that we’d be safe there. We did as we were told, with my brother leading the way (despite the fact he never spoke a word), and eventually climbed out from under the stairs and went to the front door. (the explosions came from the back of the house.)

We exited and went across the street. There was a giant tank and the structure was different than our old neighborhood. Even the house itself, interior and exterior wise was different. We unloaded our luggage and watched the battle from the windows. The family inside were friends of ours. They acted calm and assured us that everything would be okay.


We were climbing a rocky hill of some sort, and I could see a premonition of sorts in my mind: a large but somewhat shallow crater in the mountain, flooded by deep purple dragons and firey red. The dragons were fighting a swarm of enemies, and it was a devastating battle; there were bodies everywhere and it seemed as if they might have been losing.

We continued up the path. It was a rather smooth path of lower purple chroma rock (which heavily reminded me of my own artwork “Black Nights”), and as we walked higher, we could see dragon nests. Some had eggs, many more had hatched ones with the cute baby dragons hanging around, squealing at us with a strange child-like happiness that was so full of bliss.

The three of us managed to get to the shallow basin, which actually had been turned into an amphitheater. We sat down on the seats near the edge of the bowl, and watched as the rock-purple dragons followed suit, sitting down in various places. At the “stage” was the speaker dragon (for lack of better words), who began to tell a story in dragon-tongue that I did not understand. What I did understand was that the dragon had initiated a sort of ceremony/ritual, and that the dragons began stomping their feet in unison. Knowing we were to participate, we created noise as well.

I found myself wondering if the dragons knew of their destiny, that they would die here in their home. I wondered if my mother was okay, still fighting those terrorist bastards. She was tough, I knew that, but... would she really be alright?

Aaannnnd that was the end of the dream. Pretty wacky, though I liked the bit with the dragons. I might make a species/type of dragon based on the ones in the dream. ♥
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