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Ghost Busters - Dream Log for RoD
Come into my dreams... let me tell you where I've been...
February 2008

dreaming butterfly posting in Dream Log - Recording of Dreams for RoD
User: rod_dreamlog (posted by rod_dreamfallen)
Date: 2007-07-06 13:56
Subject: Ghost Busters
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Had one helluva wild dream last night. I'm not going to hold back at all, so sit tight and enjoy. I don't remember if I was a boy or girl or even had a sex/gender at all, which is a little odd because I usually know.

I was with my family and we went into a Chinese bakery. I ended up trying to steal some bread (it was only one stuffed bun, damnit) but the owner caught me. He was oddly playful when talking about the punishment (even though my parents could pay). Eventually I left and went into what seemed to be a hooker/strip bar (wtf, why would I go there).

The girls were dressed up pretty much like the ones from Old Town from Sin City. I must have been like 16 or something (was definitely underage) but for whatever reason let me stay. Apparently there weren't that many customers that day, so it was okay.

We basically chilled for awhile until they tricked me (somehow) to climb into this huge ball. When I realized it was a trap and it was going to be used to kill me, I quickly climbed out, and as the girls protested and tried to stop me, I got away anyway (they didn't really seem to care). I ran down the dark street and didn't look back.

I'm not sure how this transitioned, but in any case I guess the thing worked, because throughout the rest of the dream, I was a ghost, though I didn't quite realize it until later.

I came across a large set of stairs outside and began to walk up them. There were a few other people (mostly adults) there, but we didn't pay attention to each other. As I walked up the stairs, I suddenly realized that I was barefoot, and needed to find my shoes (my favorite pair of black sandals), which I probably left at school. When I reached the top, I could see what I think was a theme park and a dirty path behind it. I didn't want to get my feet dirty so I didn't go that way and kept going.

After awhile I came across the elementary school I used to go to. It was while walking across the lawn/playground when a boy approached me and asked me what I was doing there (I was too old to be a student, after all) and I explained to him that I wanted to look for my shoes. He offered help, which I accepted, and the two of us moved onto an actual playground section of the lawn which happened to be more closer to the pavement + school buildings. It was here where I met one of my friends (who seemed to be wearing only orange, though it's possible I saw her aura/energy rather than clothes) from highschool, who greeted us. However, I noticed that she was acting strangely. Though she had greeted us and was acting friendly, I knew that something was off, and that there was a sort of hidden darkness in her.

I then somehow jumped up and sat on her shoulders and told her about it, demanded that she release herself from whatever evil was inside of her (or something to the effect of). After only a few moments she broke down and cried, thanking me for revealing to her something that had been troubling her for a very long time. The boy who was with me decided to stay behind and to comfort her while I go look for my shoes, so I walked on.

When i got to the pavement, an old lady with white hair and green/blue clothes (who was one of the teachers, apparently), commented that my feet looked really cute walking along the pavement. I looked down and noticed that I had no feet; I could only see the shadows of them (I couldn't see the shadows of my legs, though), and thought to myself that they were indeed cute, however it was then I realized that I was a ghost.

Suddenly, I felt the need to go someplace else, and since I needed to move on anyway, I told the lady and my friends that I had to go now, said my goodbyes and left.

I flew over to a sort of new age gathering. There were two rows of folding chairs lined up, with giant dark inflated bags that stood about 2/3rds of a story high behind them, set up so it looked like a giant wall. Facing these chairs was even more folding chairs, 3-4 more of them, in fact. Behind those chairs were trees. (I think the place was located in the middle of a forest.)

I collided head-first into one of the bags and slid down, slightly confused. Another ghost who was sitting in the 2-rows (I'll call them the spotlight chairs) told me that the ritual was being used to call ghosts, and the bags were being used to stop them, and then the ghosts would sit in the chairs and although the audience (the 3-4 rows) couldn't see us, they would know when another ghost came when they left an impression on the bags.

Intrigued by the concept, I sat in one of the chairs on the right. The live people were asking questions, and the ghosts were answering, and although they probably couldn't hear us either, they seemed to listen with a strange rapport.

After a few questions, I somehow got my hands on a fish, chopped it into thirds, and began to bury one of the pieces in the halfway point of the chairs. After realizing that they could see the hole being dug, I changed my mind and dug another hole behind the chairs on the right, closer to where I was sitting. After finishing burying that piece, I floated over to the left and did the same, only to uncover another fish that was had also been buried there before. I simply buried mine close to it and left the meeting, still concerned a bout my shoes (Not sure what happened to the last piece XD; )

I finally came across my high school (which seemed to be a weird cross between my old junior high school and my main college building) and floated along one of the upper floors of classrooms. I looked into one of the classrooms and saw it was dark inside, and the only light came from lit projector. A girl was apparently giving a speech, so I left that classroom alone. I then came across an older man (possibly 40's-50's) who seemed surprised to see me. He then explained to me that he was interested in ghosts such as myself and wanted to show me something.

He and his two assistants (one younger girl who could have been a senior there, and a 20-30 year old male) went to a set of lockers and opened up one of them. I noticed that there were 4 that were important to him, all were only 2 locker doors away from each other. (In other words, were the corners of a 3x3 square). As soon as he opened the bottom right corner of the square, we heard a voice to our left and turned around.

There was another 3-man team at the end of the hall, and in the hands of the leader was a sort of gun. He laughed and remarked on how he (the older man) was being foolish. He then commented on what the old man's research, and how it was silly to find a way to capture ghosts and research them. The old man retorted that what he was doing was acceptable, however what the other younger man was not, as all he was doing was "ghost busting," in other words just killing them.

The old man then handed me the contents of the first locker, which was a water bottle. At first I was wondering why the heck he'd hand me something so insignificant as a water bottle until I noticed the contents of it - there was a round key inside. Intrigued, I opened the bottle without thinking and took it out, shaking off the water in the process. The leader of the opposing team muttered "What kind of a trick is this" (or something similar) as he watched as I handed the key to the older man, who was already taking out the 2nd water bottle from the locker and handing it to the chick. I then realized that the people in the other team couldn't see me, however it seemed only the old man and maybe his other two assistance could.

The old man tiredly thanked me and took the key as the other leader finally got it and aimed the ghost-busting gun at me (or rather, the space next to the old man).

I don't really remember what happened after this. I don't think I got shot, because I didn't feel any pain anything like that. Most likely I woke up before anything dramatic happened.

So yeah. Long dream, but it was definitely worth writing down.
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Ko: Ticky - :o oh!
User: komichi
Date: 2007-07-08 19:30 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:Ticky - :o oh!
Damnit Kenshi, I wanna know what the key was for. :( GO SLEEP RIGHT NOW AND CONTINUE THIS DREAM SO I CAN.
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dreaming butterfly
User: rod_dreamfallen
Date: 2007-07-08 20:48 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
The keys (there were a total of 4) were for some big ghost-trapping mechanism that the old man was making. :O I just know it was kinda cylinder-shaped that was made from some kind of metal that made it look rusty/old/an antique. Not sure how it really looked like, though. XD;
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